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How important is the About page of your blog? I think the About page is important only to the extent that it shows the blogger is a.) a real person and b.) they care enough about blogging to make the page. I think it shows that you care about connecting with other people. It can be quite superficial if that is what you intend, I don’t think everyone’s about page has to divulge any specific information but it’s there to almost introduce yourself and say that you would like to maybe be a blogging friend.

What constitutes the perfect About page? I think the About page should give a tiny bit of information about you, as it may pertain to why you want to blog. Some people blog for the social aspect while others blog for the writing practice, others to share their work or photos. I personally like to know who I am “corresponding” with, especially if we do participate in similar blogging circles. When I first started blogging I didn’t really think of it and there was this one guy who was so rude to me and actually said that I better hope he doesn’t find out where I live!!! Well, crap, I blocked him right away. Maybe his About page said that he was some sort of over-confident, sadistic asshole that wanted to find people to harass!

How often do you think an About page needs to be updatedand when is the last time you updated yours’ ? I think it only needs to be updated if it has specific information that changes. When I first started blogging I wrote that the reason I started was because I had just lost my husband and then my son 13 months later. I was a wreck. I am still a wreck but it is going on 4 and 5 years now.

Blogging Insights

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“A writer never has a vacation. For a writer life consists of either writing or thinking about writing. “

I think that if this quote is taken at face value then writing is essentially a job. I don’t always see it that way. There are times when I wake and after walking the dog think about how I “have to get to my blog”. I like the routine and I look forward to seeing what my blogging friends are up to. I also like that I am practicing my writing, that I will be presented with new challenges, and that I can share what I love.
On the other hand, I enjoy writing for what I get from it, purely just a feeling of accomplishment that I have written something that I can share. It isn’t always something for someone to say they love and it isn’t always something that has to give someone information, it is just doing something for fun.

I think that people who like to write think about writing all the time because life is the “idea generator”. Experiences and happenings are the plot lines we’ve all been waiting to develop. For people who don’t like to write, I don’t think they think about how everything they do can be “a story” or “a poem”. So, never having a vacation could be true because I know that I am always thinking of how someone or something I just saw could make a good story.

Blogging Insights NF # 53


“A blog is a message in a bottle, both in purpose and likely readership.” Robert Breault

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I don’t agree that it is “a message in a bottle” in purpose, but possibly in readership.
To me, a message in a bottle is meant to send some secret or valuable piece of information to someone unknown for the pure purpose of sharing a secret that would otherwise disappear in time. Blogging is meant to be a place to share information and writing that can be timeless and for anyone to enjoy, not hope to benefit through.
Readership though is less broad as blogs begin to narrow down to smaller groups unless you are consciously interacting with people outside your “circle”. I have always mentioned that no one I know really reads my blog, outside of the blogging world. I used to have my posts go to Facebook and I know a few people would read things there but there were other issues so I stopped having them go there. My posts go to LinkedIn, I think, or they used to, but I never got outside responses.
For me, blogging is a place for me to practice what I love and get feedback. It is a place to find new ways of doing things and of interacting with others. There are a few blogging friends that I consider friends now because there has been so much interaction but I often wonder what would happen if I stopped blogging. We don’t exchange real personal information or demographics so once I’m gone I guess no one can even find me.

Blogging Insights NF #46 Blogging VS Social Media ?

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Over the past two years now, I think it’s been two years, my blogging has evolved from simply “trying to write stuff” to actually wanting to improve my writing not for any other reason than I like to see how much better I do each time, well, you all know what I mean! Anyhow, quite often my posts will also go to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They were for a long time, then they weren’t, now they might be again?!?!?! So, what do I think about this?

The only reason I reconnected my blogging to Facebook and LinkedIn again was to honor my son’s memory by posting the anniversary of his leaving. This was only last week. I wanted people to be able to remember him and think about him. I’m not sure if I am expressing it right, but this is sort of the gist of it.
I did cut off the social media connections after one of my sisters gave me shit last year three days before David and I got married. Another long story.

Overall, I sort of hate social media. I have always gotten hooked and then sucked down a depressive rabbit hole. I used to get depressed because of all the people who stopped calling or talking to me. I got depressed because of all the changes that had happened in my life that I hadn’t totally ironed out yet. Then I got depressed when I suffered loss after loss and I would see all my friends still so happy while I was so sad. Most recently I decided to check back in and see what was new. I saw a picture of an old friend with her son, also named Joe. He was older now, probably around 18 years old. I couldn’t handle seeing it. It just made me so sad that she has her Joe but I don’t have mine. So now again…I am done with social media. I prefer the companionship and friendships I have developed here on WP. I feel like it is a supportive community but not one that has to show off, or something like that.

Blogging Insights NF — # 45

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” Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.”

— Isaac Asimov.

I love this quote, it is the first time I have seen it. I wish I could magically write when I wanted to just by thinking it and using my hands in the air. I often think of things that I want to write, or first lines, new phrases, great ideas, but then I don’t have a writing utensil and by the time I think of where to get that the thought is either gone or not as vivid.

In a less literal sense I think that writing is exactly that – writing down your thoughts. I have often heard people wonder how horror/thriller writers get their ideas. I think this is the best way to express that answer.

Go Home: Compilation 06/27/2022

Although the feeling all around was a melancholy mood
The policy of folks like me was fastidious and good
The swell of hope I felt that day diminished in a flash
While standing on the center lane, no barriers to dash
The happiness just slipped away to crush my vivid dream
Like oil on a flabby piece of skin in need of cream
Luck would have it no one else here seemed to see me cry
Except for one lone shaming man, I felt like I would die.
I tried to turn but felt real stuck with sorrow and some pain
Jumping now would do no good, there wasn’t any gain.
So here I stood aside the man, a standstill in my head
Realizing my day was done, so I left and went to bed.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Blogging Insights

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“You need to read everything. Read fiction, non-fiction, magazines, newspapers. Read history, historical fiction, biography. Read mystery novels, fantasy, SF, horror, mainstream, literary classics, adventure, satire. Every writer has something to teach you, for good or ill. (And yes, you can learn from bad books as well as good ones — what not to do).”George R.R. Martin, via the author’s FAQ for fans

My take:

I think to some degree this is true, especially at a young age. For many school-aged children books are picked out by adults and the kids are supposed to enjoy those picks. Unfortunately, grown-ups are always right about that.
As a teacher I always told my students to find something they they liked. I could find a way to teach almost any lesson based on what was put in front of me.
Additionally, I have been asked to read a few books, ones I would probably never have picked on my own, and have enjoyed them very much.

The following activity was developed by Christine Bialczak who holds any rights.

Back when I was teaching and taking additional courses I came up with an activity called “Read My World”. I tried to have it published in a few kids magazines but I can’t even remember what happened, I must have given up. Anyhow, it starts out with little kids and reading things that they know and love. Like a Hershey Bar, or Apple Jacks cereal. Cheerios, Sprite, and Oreos. Kids know these names because they see them on the labels of things they love and things they see commercials about. As the caregiver, point these things out everywhere you see them. In the store, on television, in magazine adds. Talk about how the letters sound, or sometimes don’t sound. This helps children become familiar and comfortable with the written language. As they get older have them read everything to you. They will need assistance at first but have them read the tube of toothpaste. Have them read the back of the cereal box or the label from the jar of peanut butter. Now, adults may think, “well, they are just memorizing the words because they have seen them before”. This is true in many cases, but it is okay! That is part of learning about the language. Let them “read it back” to you even if they make up their own words. As they learn they will start to correct their own mistakes. You can always help and point words out but Reading Your World is fun! That is the key; it should be fun. Signs in store windows, packages in stores, bumper stickers (when appropriate), newspapers… To add on to this fun try this: Give your little one(s) a pad of sticky notes. They can be the less expensive ones at the dollar store) and a pen, pencil or crayon. Have them label the house. Help them to spell or show them where to look on the computer or if you still have a dictionary in your home. Label walls, rooms, items, decorations, “Dad’s Chair”, mom’s book, Buddy’s (doggie) door. The sticky notes won’t cause damage and they can be taken down and moved if that works. Now, here’s a fun add-on…Take a room at a time. Take all the sticky notes and mix them up. Lay them out and see how many your child can put back in the right place by themselves. Sure they might not know that c-o-u-c-h spells couch, but they might recognize the “c” and know it isn’t for the television! Let them make mistakes then point them out and laugh about how silly it is that the book sticky note is on the fish tank – “fish don’t read!) Keep going and you will have a strong reader someday.
Read My World was developed by Christine Bialczak (all rights reserved) ©2022 CBialczak

Blogging Insights — New Format # 39 — Words

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” I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word. Sometimes I write one, and look at it , until it begins to shine.”

Emily Dickinson.

My thoughts on this are brief. I believe that a word, written or spoken, has the power to lift someone up or shut them down. You hear so much about physical abuse, by both men and women, but the words are what often make abuse even less bearable. Words do not control a person but they can affect everything about a person.

Blogging Insights

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How organised are you when it comes to blogging? Do you have a blog schedule or do you play it by the ear? For the most part I am very organized but in a relaxed sort of way. Every morning I do the same routine, but it isn’t necessarily at the exact same time, which is why I say it is a bit relaxed. One of the things I have started doing is using my Rocketbook to keep track of challenges and prompts. If you haven’t heard of Rocketbook check out the video. The thing really is so great:
Anyhow, this lets me keep track and it uploads it so quickly to the right spot. That way I don’t have to search my blog posts for who-knows-how-long to look for a specific post. I am hoping it makes life easier.

How often do you’ tidy up’ your blog? e.g. go through your Drafts Folder, or go through old posts checking for broken links etc.? I don’t usually have much in the Drafts folder because I don’t like things there to begin with so they don’t pile up. I have to say that I have never gone through old posts checking links. One of the mistakes I did make and learned from was the media part of posts. My media “file” is getting full so I decided to go through it. There were some of the same pictures, etc. multiple times so I deleted all the copies except for one. Well, if you don’t already know this, what I did was erase the media from a specific post. So to be more clear, if I posted a picture of my dog a year ago and it was on five different posts and I delete four of the pictures in my media file, now four of those posts no longer have the picture there. I know this might not be a big deal but for things like my Book Tours and the such, I really would like the media to stay on there. Once I am full I guess I will either have to go back and do a big delete from way back or pay WP more $ to get more storage.

Blogging Insights — New Format # 32 — The Internet

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“The Internet destroyed most of the barriers to publication. The cost of being a publisher dropped to almost zero with two interesting immediate results: anybody can publish, and more importantly, you can publish whatever you want.”

(Dick Costolo)

What do you think?

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I guess I agree and disagree.
I think that the internet opened barriers to publication because now you can find publishers who are looking for specific things.
On the other hand, people don’t need to go buy books to have things to read. If you find something you want to read there is a good chance you can find it somewhere free to download on the computer. I do listen to audiobooks but I believe most come in a book format. Some that are published “just for audible” may not be.
I have four children’s books that were published. I could not afford to renew the contract with the publisher I was using. I would love to get picked up by a big publisher but the chances are so slim. It is not very encouraging as a writer.