Truthful Tuesday: December 22nd, 2020

Come tell the truth here:

What gift that you received as a child still sticks out in your mind today? What made it so memorable?

The first gift that came to my mind was this doll, Baby Alive, who could crawl and eat and drink! She had real diapers so when you fed her or gave her a bottle, you had a real dirty diaper to change. I remember wanting this doll so badly. I also remember finding out after feeding her the included food, that the food didn’t go through her as quickly and as cleanly as the fluid, so we had to stop feeding her, she was getting all gunked up.

I think this is so memorable because as a child we used to receive the Sears Toy Catalog every year. I remember sitting down with it, and a paper and pencil, to prepare my list to Santa. I would have the toy or toys I really wanted at the top of the list. Baby Alive was one of those “top of the list” things I asked for.

Check this out:

And this is the real commercial!

4 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday: December 22nd, 2020

  1. A globe by one of my uncle I was around 8-9 yr old that time..and I was so fascinated..I always saw big globe in school now I have one in my home..I use to keep it next to my bed and see countries . I started dreaming .. reading more about those countries

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  2. Hehe! My father used to tell the story about one of his cousin’s daughters – she got one of those dolls. After awhile the thing stunk so badly that no one wanted it in the house… eventually her father had to “flush” the doll’s system to get the rotting food out. It helped a little but it still stank!

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