5 Things

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5 Things that you miss about your daily drive / commute to work.

  1. music – I listen to music sometimes when I am home, definitely in the car, but I don’t drive everyday so I do miss it.
  2. familiarity – I always liked “knowing” what to expect along my drive. That being said…
  3. new sights – I found it fun to see the new things people did to their homes or yards.
  4. quiet – sometimes I would be driving for so long before realizing that I hadn’t turned the music on. This was more common in the afternoons when I just needed to decompress.
  5. finding new routes – every so often I would turn down some random street to see if it got me to where I needed to go. Again, this was an after-work thing.

4 thoughts on “5 Things

  1. I miss the music part the most ..I use to take public transport..I knew which bus to take same time almost same bus ..and same co passengers..as it was luxury bus I use to get a seat always…take out my earphones..and for the next 30-45 mins (depending on traffic) I was deep down into the songs..that was my me time.

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    1. I wasn’t blogging back then so that never came to mind. I would think of story ideas then curse the fact that I had no way to write it down while driving and not knowing how to work the recording mechanism on my phone….while listening to music, lol!


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