Friday Fictioneers (a few days late)

Written for Rochelle’s challenge:

Come on in

“Do you really think someone is in there?” 

“My mom said an old lady lives there but said not to knock on the door because she can’t get out of bed anyhow.” 

“How does your mom know?” 

“I don’t know, she just told me.  The lady’s name is Veva. Mom said that Veva was married and when her husband died, she put him in a freezer then went about her life.” 

Ew, that’s creepy. What if she asks you to come in and offers you an ice cream?” 

“If she asks I’m going to tell her I’m allergic to milk.” 

©2020 CBialczak Fiction

20 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers (a few days late)

  1. hehe! There is one house and one story like that in every childhood! We had Dr. Quick. His house was dark and gloomy and was at the end of a private drive that had a large metal gate that he had to open remotely. No one dared go past that gate and to my knowledge not a single kid was foolish enough to trick -or-treat at his home. (Rumor had it that he had murdered his wife and kids)

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