Aunt Betty’s Gift: It’s Thursday’s Six Sentence Story Link Up!


Milly held the box out in front of her, excited to see what was inside but fearful of her reaction to Aunt Betty’s gift. Aunt Betty was known for her extremely inappropriate gifts, even though everyone knew she had no idea they were so bad, she really did mean well. Milly felt everyone’s eyes on her, anticipating the opening of this precarious gift. Milly pulled off the bow and laid it to the side of her on the bench. Lifting the top off the box, Milly was surprised to see that Aunt Betty had given her the best gift ever, a gift card to Walmart! The other party-goers stared in awe, wondering what had changed in Aunt Betty and hoping when it came to their birthdays she was still in this mood!

Evidence of a Gross Bathroom…The email.

“Um, Barb, that isn’t the email you sent is it?”

“Well, yeah Betty, why is there something wrong with it?” Barb was a little confused as she saw nothing wrong with what she had written on the screen.

Sally stood behind Betty, contemplating how much she should say about the inappropriate email Barb had sent to HR regarding the cleanliness of the ladies bathroom.

“Its just that you took a really disgusting picture and added it,” Betty said, hesitantly. Staring at the screen, totally dumbfounded by the intense image on her friends computer screen.

“If they don’t want to believe how disgusting their bathroom gets because of their own employees then maybe they need to see the truth, before someone tries to clean it up, knowing the boss will be checking it. We are lucky he is a man and can’t go into that atrocious bathroom.” Barb was deadset on leaving the gruesome picture on the screen of her computer until she saw her words in print and knew her boss had read the email.

She did what?: a fictional, short story

May 30, 2023, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a beaver slap

Paula saw it before she felt it but wasn’t able to move aside fast enough to avoid the THWAP! How on earth had it gotten this bad? She had heard about “cat fights” and the occasional “bitch slap” but the “beaver slap”? It was incredibly degrading and she felt immediate shame, along with the burning sensation that seemed to pulse from the back of her thighs. In all the years her and Emily had lived together as a couple, never had they resorted to violence until now. Paula had a feeling that this was changing things for the worse.

Sam’s Surprise!: Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!


Pulling up to the house in the family automobile, Sam could see that there was a package on her doorstep; a sort of box-shaped, brightly colored bundle with tiny holes along the sides and top. Sam didn’t remember ordering anything and usually, all her orders came from Amazon in the typical brown box with the Amazon Prime logo. Putting the car in park and then turning off the ignition, Sam clambered out of the car, carrying her purse, water bottle, and shopping bag, to walk quietly up to this unidentifiable item. Suddenly, the box moved and there was a rustle from inside, followed by a long mewing. Was there a kitten in the box, Sam wondered to herself? Obviously, this was the surprise her sister said she was going to leave one day, as soon as the weather was ready to cooperate.

Fandango’s Story Starter #92: Piper’s Problem

This week’s Story Starter teaser is:

When I walked into the kitchen, I noticed that there was broken glass all over the floor. There was purple ooze dripping down the cabinets and refrigerator door. To make matters worse, Fido was licking up the jelly from the broken jar! This was awful, but having the dog eat glass would make this situation so much worse.

I grabbed my Swiffer and a rag and stared at the mess trying to figure out how to tackle this sticky mess. I couldn’t even get mad. Piper had only been trying to be a big girl and make her own sandwich. Now she lay crying on the sofa. I’m just happy she didn’t get hurt and once I got Fido out of here I could get this all cleaned up.

PassTheBaton Challenge for April 2023

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She woke up exhausted.

As the wooshing in her ears subsided, she heard something feint and was not sure what it was, but it was unyielding but oscillated consistently. She recognized the sound, but didn’t.

She felt hungover and sore.

Sitting up, she could see her reflection in the full size mirror near the bed. Her hair was a mess, her crusty makeup from yesterday smeared from sleep.

As her mind started to come to life slowly, she realized that she didn’t know where she was.

Her ears perked up from the rush of adrenaline caused by the shock and she turned to the source of that sound. It was a man, and he was softly snoring.

Who was he? Where was she? What happened last night??


With a feeling of dread, Yolanda rolled off the side of the bed, trying not to disturb the sleeping body next to her. This had happened before but in the past she could at least remember who she had spent the night with. Stiffly, she bent over to pick up the bit of her clothes that had been drunkenly tossed aside, and was heading toward the bathroom when she heard the man in the bed snuffle. She froze. She thought he was waking up, but he just rolled back over and continued snoring. She really wanted to get out of here before he woke up.

Quickly undressing from last night’s get-up Yolanda slipped under the hot water running from the rusty shower head. This wasn’t exactly the type of place she liked to stay at but if that guy out there was paying then it didn’t matter too much, it was his waste of money. It would’ve been nicer if the place had been really nice. She chuckled to herself and thought, “If this is all he’s going to fork out, I don’t want to know who he is or where he came from, cheap-ass!”.

Suddenly the door slammed open, the doorknob hitting the wall next to the shower hard enough to cause some damage to the sheetrock, and ….

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Finding Family

Darcy made her way through the stacks of books, down long tunnels of shelving that reached over ten feet from the floor, and through several doorways before entering the computer room.
She had never understood why they put this room all the way in the back, just like supermarkets put all the dairy in the back of the store to entice shoppers to walk the isles.
Sitting at the third computer, which is the one she usually sat at when she came here, she hit the power button to wake up the screen and start her search.
It was nearly 3 hours later when she looked up from her computer again but felt less tired than she had felt when she got there.
With paper and pen in hand, Darcy headed back the way she came and slipped out the door without making any disruptions to the other library patrons.
Finally, Darcy had the address she needed, the courage to move forward, and the desire to learn all about the family she never knew she had.

Simply 6-minutes

I host this but rarely participate anymore. I go collecting prompts but forget my own!

pink white blue grey dress

Simply 6 Minutes – Welcome to the Challenge: 01/17/2023

Melody, I told you to clean up your room!

Mom, I said I would do it when I have the time.

Well, make the time right now. I am sick of looking in your room and seeing the mess.

Mom if you stopped snooping you wouldn’t have any reason to look in here and if you really want to know, there isn’t anything interesting in that mess. My closet on the other hand…

Oh, dear God, I don’t want to see the closet!

Well, as you taught me when I was little…Keep my hands to myself and mind my own business. I think that was a good lesson and obviously I listen to the things you tell me.

Melody, don’t be a wise ass! Just clean the mess and make sure you don’t have anything illegal in that room. I don’t want to have to adopt a sniffing dog…He’d probably die from the smell. And speaking of smell, is that smell coming from one of the drawers?

Mom, stop! I will get to it in five minutes, I’m just right in the middle of something.

Well, something is definitely in the middle of one of those drawers! It smells like something died in there.

It is NOT that bad!

(209 words)

Saddle Up Saloon: Cowsino October 2022

The Carrotranch has a Cowsino open for October. Stop by here and check it all out.

Once upon a time there was a farmer who decided to open a farm for all of the animals that other farmers decided they were done with. 

Every day the farmer would stand by his mailbox and wait until he saw the sad animals walking down the road. He would wave them over and tell them that they were welcome to come live at his farm. He called it the Forever Farm.

But one day a chicken came walking backwards down the road. The Farmer didn’t know if he would be able to get the chicken’s attention before he passed so he decided to put out a roadblock to stop the chicken at his mailbox. This certainly worked because when the chicken hit the road block, not only did he stop but he started screaming and bouncing around like an old Mexican jumping bean. 

He finally came to a stop at the farmer’s feet.
“Why’d you stop me like that?”, asked the chicken.
“I wanted you to stop so I could ask you if you wanted to come live here at the Forever Farm. You were walking backwards and I didn’t want to miss you when you walked by.”

“Well, that was awfully nice of you but when I get scared I can’t control myself.”

“That’s no problem. I don’t mind what any of you animals do,” replied the farmer.

Except, every time there was a loud noise in one of the fields, or a new animal, or the honk of a horn, the chicken started screaming and bouncing everywhere. Then it came, the UPS truck, with its big brown boxy sides. “Honk, Honk” The driver beeped the horn to get the farmer’s attention. 

Suddenly the chicken appeared screaming and bouncing, and he scared the UPS driver so much that the driver jumped into the truck and started driving away when the chicken bounced right in front of the truck. The UPS driver didn’t have time to stop. The chicken didn’t know where he was, and the farmer looked on with dread at the mess that became this poor little chicken. 

After this happened the farmer decided he wouldn’t stop animals to invite them to live at his farm, he would wait until they asked him for help. Then he would remember to explain all the safety rules of his farm so this tragedy didn’t happen again.

From that day on, the farmer waited just inside his fence so animals couldn’t talk to him while they were still in the road. The farmer and the UPS driver never had an accident with any animal ever again.

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Friday Fictioneers: Those Americans Again!

Rochelle is the host of Friday Fictioneers where we are asked to write a complete story in less than 100 words:

Those Americans! They don’t give a hoot about property, they only want to see what they want! 

For God’s sake, Fern, it isn’t that big of a deal. They didn’t park on anyone’s grass!

Not this time. But if someone would say something then maybe it wouldn’t be a problem. 

What are you going to do, really? Have a giant sign at the airport and border entries telling people to be respectful of our property? 

Well, yes, that would be a start!

Fern, no one is going to listen when they can get a clear image of that old castle. 

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