Thursday photo prompt: Vista #writephoto

This week’s prompt ~ Vista

Written for Sue’s challenge:

Heading down

Coming around the corner of the sloping hill I could see how far the path went. I was hoping to get to the end; however, I wasn’t sure how I would get back to where I started. This was the easier way to go, starting at the top vista of the mountain, and heading down. I didn’t have the physical stamina to start at the bottom and walk up the path. Being here by myself, although peaceful, was worrisome. What if I didn’t make it down to the bottom? What if I got to the bottom and everyone was gone for the day? What if I got to the end of the path and I was told I had to go back the way I came? I think I’d try to call for an Uber. I wonder if Uber drivers come out this far. It was worth a shot, otherwise I might have to hitchhike my way back. I left my car about 15 minutes higher up the mountain. Maybe I should just turn around now and go back while I still had energy and a little bit of water. Nah, going down was much more relaxing and rewarding, especially for my sore bones.  

©2020 CBialczak Fiction

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