Thursday Writephoto

Written for Sue Vincent’s writephoto: Monsters in the night Into the dark night  with their fire ablaze  the monsters take flight  their strength will amaze.   You won’t be safe now  not ’til they are dead  We need to stay safe  and clear in the head.   Fight hard for your life  it’s all for real  they don’t care if you  do hurt or don’t feel.   Don’t say […]


Thursday photo prompt: Otherworldly #writephoto

Written for Sue Vincent’s Challenge: The traveler He looked and looked  and he could see  that the world  was near empty.   He did not know  how far he’d come  and now stuck here  felt sort of dumb.   Where was he now?  Where should he go?  alone in here  how would he know?   Oh me, oh my  he started to cry  Without some help  he knew he’d die.   With only one  pair of pants  He had to hurry  he […]