Secret: Thursday #writephoto

For Sue Vincent’s Thursday prompt:

Do you know you hold the key to my heart? 

When the darkness is overwhelming 
and I cannot let you in 
you know how to enter 
without intrusion 
only love 

When the sorrow is shattering 
and I cannot put the pieces  
back together 
on my own 
you know how to mend me 
without aversion 
only love 

When the angst is disheartening 
and I cannot shift my view 
to a positive light 
you know how to ignite 
without antagonism 
only love 

When secrets darken my vision
and truth cannot emerge
to allow healing
you know how to penetrate
without stipulations
only love

When happiness is amazing 
and I need to share 
with someone 
you know how to be there 
to join my exultation 
without asperity 
only love.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry


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