Magic: Quadrille 100

#Quadrille 100: Abracadabra! Where’s My Magic Wand?

My sign: I believe

I lay upon my bed 
wishing for a sign 
so I don’t have to feel alone 
or feel the misery of loss. 

I enter the garden  
I walk among the stones 
of those put to rest  

Two Pileated Woodpeckers find me. 
My sign. 

©2020 CBialczak

33 thoughts on “Magic: Quadrille 100

    1. Since my late husband, my son (who is also gone), my daughter, and I moved into our home I have been dying to see a Pileated Woodpecker. They are rare and I believe I saw one once a long time ago! I have been looking for years and years, so for two to happen in that situation I had to take it as a sign.

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    1. Right?!?!?! I mean when I saw the first I thought, okay is that Bob or Joey up there? (That’s my husband and son who both passed). So when the second one flew out of the tree I started bawling my eyes out! They both flew to another tree and hopped up the branches together. May I ask where abouts you live that you have a Pileated at your feeder?


    1. One of the things I learned this year is all the different woodpeckers. I have two huge woodpeckers with bright neon red heads. Before researching I thought that I had two huge Red Headed Woodpeckers, but no, they are apparently quite rare. Seeing the two pileated was awesome. Today I also learned that Flicker Woodpeckers like the cheaper suet from Walmart better than the stuff they sell at Tractor Supply! I switched and hadn’t seen any until today when I put in one of my leftover Walmart suets. Fine with me….

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  1. Such a beautiful poem and such a special experience. I’m a believer in “signs” and it’s wonderful that this experience brought you comfort and joy. Blessings!

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