Day Twenty:

mary’s googlehuff cake It may sound a bit silly but back on that day I thought it too hilly to walk up that way.  But here came my neighbor with cake in her hand held out before her just as she planned.   She made it for us since we just moved in she said it’s no fuss in her great big kitchen.  I found […]


Reena’s Exploration Challenge #126

Craving Isolation I crave isolation. After that first call I wanted to close my door and hide under the covers. Two children meant more to me than isolation.  I crave isolation. After the second call I wanted to close my door and hide under the covers. One daughter and new love meant more to me  than isolation.  I crave isolation. No other calls have come I still want to […]


What do you see? #12

He calls me Unicorn  Underneath the magic  There shines a little light That brings you through the darkness To have a brighter sight.  The magic is compelling As anyone can see That’s why he calls me Unicorn A bit of fantasy.   He says that I am special And that my love is pure I know that he has helped me Through sorrow, he’s my […]