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How important is the About page of your blog? I think the About page is important only to the extent that it shows the blogger is a.) a real person and b.) they care enough about blogging to make the page. I think it shows that you care about connecting with other people. It can be quite superficial if that is what you intend, I don’t think everyone’s about page has to divulge any specific information but it’s there to almost introduce yourself and say that you would like to maybe be a blogging friend.

What constitutes the perfect About page? I think the About page should give a tiny bit of information about you, as it may pertain to why you want to blog. Some people blog for the social aspect while others blog for the writing practice, others to share their work or photos. I personally like to know who I am “corresponding” with, especially if we do participate in similar blogging circles. When I first started blogging I didn’t really think of it and there was this one guy who was so rude to me and actually said that I better hope he doesn’t find out where I live!!! Well, crap, I blocked him right away. Maybe his About page said that he was some sort of over-confident, sadistic asshole that wanted to find people to harass!

How often do you think an About page needs to be updatedand when is the last time you updated yours’ ? I think it only needs to be updated if it has specific information that changes. When I first started blogging I wrote that the reason I started was because I had just lost my husband and then my son 13 months later. I was a wreck. I am still a wreck but it is going on 4 and 5 years now.

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