Little Notes to You (even though you’re gone).

I have wanted to write to you every day
but the sadness and tears have kept me away
I think of it often and say that I’ll try
But each day goes on, each day goes by

I think of the words I’d write in my note
about all of the things said and things that you wrote
I’d write about things that we did in the past
But my sadness and sorrow swallow it up really fast

I hear of the people who lost their loved one
and it seems like these practices all have been done
Things meant to keep all the memories near and alive
Things meant to be said if only you had survived

And so I sit here in tears with my pen and my pad
Thinking of all the good times that we already had
Trying to know that what’s happened is done
Trying to keep going even now that you’re gone.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

7 thoughts on “Little Notes to You (even though you’re gone).

  1. The loss of good people is hard. I understand. ((hugs)) I know the sorrow, I’ve had a few, and knowing the likelihood increases that I’ll lose more as I age is a sobering thought. For me, the best I can do to keep the good memories alive rather than focus on them being gone is to surround myself with pics of the good times.

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