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Some fun tales from Deb!

nope, not pam

Mum said I needed to find a career path, Mum said I had a calling, Mum said I was a people person. Mum was right, but at a loud soggy thud broke the silence I bit back a sigh.

I should’ve known better than to take a job at a bar called Collywobbles, and bending down I retrieved the fallen object, “Excuse me sir, is this your arm?”

Pick a favourite they did say
Pick a favourite make our day
So many choices, so many voices
Pick a favourite? Is this a game to play?

Call of the Wild, Dracula, Watership Down
Stardust, Twilight, Knights of Dark Renown
So many adventures, so many titles
Picking one? I’m not a clown

The Old Man and The Sea, Jane Eyre, Crime and Punishment
Bonfires of the Vanities, Charlotte’s Web, Heaven Sent
Titles, titles, just pick one, this is not becoming fun

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