A Letter A Week

Deb is the host of A Letter A Week and this weeks letter is J.

My words:
Place – jail
Emotion – jealous
Adjective – jovial
Verb – jam
My animal – Jackdaw

Being in a state of stress
the Jackdaw was a jealous mess
He landed his own self in jail
when jamming dirt onto that snail
But little did he know back then
That shells are filled with lil’ snail men
And when you push the dirt up tight
They put up quite a nasty fight
‘Cause that’s their home and they won’t go
They’ll chase you out, although they’re slow
So leave the shells right on the beach
This is a lesson I’m proud to teach
Someday I’ll be a jovial bird
Don’t let my story go unheard!

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

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