Simply 6 Minutes – Fluffy Butt Strut

Jezzie G

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

©Mary McGowan/The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018

Oooh she’s giving someone a right talking to, I’m going with that initial thought. I have nothing against grey squirrels but our native British red squirrels have been decimated by the invading greys. There are no dialogue marks as I don’t include those until editing – ok clock on

Fluffy Butt Strut
Form: Free Write

For the last time
and I won’t tell you again
I do not know the location of the nut stash
and if I did I wouldn’t be telling you
you grey squirrels think you can
just come over here
stealing our best territories
and spreading you diseases
even the dumdum humans see you as vermin

Magpie stares up from the lawn
in confusion
just who does that daft red squirrel think
she is talking to

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