Weekend Writing

To join in check Sammi’s site here: https://sammiscribbles.wordpress.com/2022/05/21/weekend-writing-prompt-260-omphalos/

omphalos – the center or hub of something.

**The following poem is based on real events from last night**

Frog Life Hell

At precisely three am, I heard the blasted sound
croaking in my pool, my mind goes spinning ’round
How did they get back here?
I didn’t ask them back.
But apparently my pool is the omphalos of their pack. 

I raced right out the door, the ground coffee in my hand
Ready to fight the frogs off, ready to take my stand
With a flicker of the pool lights
And a switch on at the pump
It would not take them long to see they had better start to jump

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

5 thoughts on “Weekend Writing

    1. Well, last night it rained again. I had put out coffee before going out quickly. When I got home would you believe they were in the pool! I am really tired of it. These aren’t cute little tree frogs. According to an article I read they are an invasive species. The problem is that the “humane” way too kill them is to put a little drop of Orajel on their backs then put them in the freezer for 48 hours. Hahaha! First, not possible to catch them all. Second, gross. Third, NO POSSIBLE WAY I’m touching them or getting that close.
      Anyhow, I went out with Vinegar and sprayed the pool deck. They were not happy with that. By the time I had the situation under control it was midnight. I went onto Amazon and ordered a sprayer and some snake repellent. I have bug killer. Apparently, if you have frogs you have snakes. If you have frogs, you have too many insects. After a few important things I have to get done today I will be outside securing the perimeter of the yard.


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