Cavalier: Weekend Writing Prompt

For Sammi at Sammiescribbles:

Barb, carer of puppies

When it came to the puppies 

Barb was too cavalier 

Saying they were fine alone 

Never being near. 

One day the youngest puppy 

Went out to run around 

He got lost then got stolen 

He still hasn’t been found. 

Barb is now a bit more there 

For now, she sees the harm 

She puts them all on leashes 

And ties them to her arm 

She doesn’t mind the barking 

The biting or the poo 

She’s happy being ready 

For anything they do. 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Gallivant: Weekend Writing Prompt

Sammi Cox is our host for the Weekend Writing Prompt and today has chosen the word Gallivant.
We have 46 words to play with which are to include the prompt.

Did your mother ever tell you to stop gallivanting around town, that it made you look cheap or even worse, desperate? Well, times have changed and now with COVID-19 the only thing to do, besides eat at outside tables, is to gallivant through town holding a sign, protesting the unfair treatment by some police.