Poor Old Billy

moniker is a nickname or pet name for a person
Taciturn is reserved or uncommunicative in speech
Amenable is open and responsive to suggestion; easily persuaded or controlled

Todays words:

Poor Old Billy

Billy was an old man who liked to walk alone
He liked his high security and didn’t use a phone
He walked out in the wilderness to see what he could find
And being himself taciturn, he really didn’t mind
that no one was amenable, they ran faster than he
the stickers had no meaning, those stuck to each big tree
One was of a duende, a gnome-ish sort of guy
His moniker was Elfie, most people could see why
One had a real sad face, the face seemed quite undone
An apology was needed, which never was real fun
All day he kept on walking, he really went too far
He barely even noticed when he got back to his car.
He still had no idea yet what stuck to the thick bark
The only thought he upheld was the spot where he did park.
He jumped into his mini van, happy to go home
He didn’t notice anything, especially the gnome
Who’d got into his vehicle, wanting a fast ride
But didn’t realize Billy would be singing there inside
the noise it was so horrible, the elf he had to leave
He jumped up to the front seat and pulled on Billy’s sleeve
Billy got so startled, so scared by that odd face
And now old Billy’s spirit is floating out in space.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

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