Blogging Insights — New Format # 29 — Spam

This week Tanya has asked our opinion of this quote;


Successful people don’t spam.” — Adrienne Smith

I would never spam someone on purpose.
When I first started blogging someone told me I should include the ads in my blog because I would make money every time someone clicked on the ads. This to me was almost like spamming. It took away from everything I wanted to convey in my writing.

When I started the fundraiser for the scholarship in my son’s name (to honor his legacy) I did sort of “spam” a bit but it was only a link to the fundraiser and to people on my list on LinkedIn. Even if someone clicked on it there was no gimmick nor did it do anything bad to your computer. I guess it depends on what you consider spam. I did send out individual messages to everyone and actually reached my max one day, but it was for a good cause. Is that still spam?

14 thoughts on “Blogging Insights — New Format # 29 — Spam

    1. When my son passed away I wanted to do a fundraiser in lieu of flowers. I raised money for an organization called Babies Heart Run. They are motorcyclists and the creator’s daughter had life saving heart surgery, etc. When I did it myself I raised about $500 and sent them a check. When I did one of those FB fundraisers, like on birthdays, I raised the same amount and never heard from the organization! When I looked into it they got a check for many $200. Not only did FB keep some of the money but then I was also miffed that the organization didn’t even respond with a thank you. Like I said the first time on my own was different. They actually had a sign for my son at one of their events.

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      1. Thanks Paula. Now I hate to see those fundraisers for birthdays and all that. I used to donate but not anymore. I even found that with GoFundMe it would be easier to just ask people to send the money directly to me to put into that account. But then you don’t want everyone knowing your home address and all that. GoFundMe though deposits the money right into your account each week, so it doesn’t hold onto it. I guess that is how the scammers live off of GoFundMe. They use it like direct deposit.

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  1. I opened my current blog last month, and at first I was just going to tolerate the ads. But then WordPress offered a 40% discount on upgrades–well, I love a bargain so I jumped on it, no more ads!!

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    1. The thing I didn’t like most of all is that when someone goes to read something you wrote they have to stop and scroll through a bunch of ads and that takes away from the whole thing, especially poetry. Honestly, I am not blogging to make money so to me it is a waste. I have seen blogs that actually ask for money. I guess if that is what you want or need to do that is your choice.

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      1. I don’t blog to make money either–and I’m glad I paid for the upgrade so folks don’t have to scroll through ads here. And you’re right–people blog for different reasons 🙂 Blessings on your day! ❤

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