Blogging Insights — New Format # 28

Dr. Tanya at Salted Caramel is the host


“The first thing you need to decide when you build your blog is what you want to accomplish with it, and what it can do if successful.”

(Ron Dawson)

Many of the people who have been reading my blog since I started two years ago know that when I started my blog my sister had told me that “no one wanted to hear me cry about my dead husband”. That wasn’t why I wanted to start a blog. I think I just wanted the social interaction without the face to face stuff. I think I needed a place to talk to people about what I was going through without actually finding people and meeting up with them. Once I started blogging I realized it was so much more than what I thought.

Now, once in a while I do an update of myself, which I call From my desk, but not that often unless I have something I feel I need to speak about.

I love the challenges and all the writing. I guess all blogs are different and I was lucky to find one that is full of writers and other creative people. That is why I have stayed here. I think that is partly what a blog is supposed to do, help form some sort of community. The people I have blogging relationships with have things in common with me and I enjoy meeting up with these people on a pretty daily basis. I hope that someday, when traveling is safe and more affordable, I might be able to visit some of the people I have met.

So…in response to the quote: I don’t think it is completely necessary as long as you don’t have specific expectations. If you set expectations then you will probably be discouraged because I think the blogging community find each one of us, not vice versa.

11 thoughts on “Blogging Insights — New Format # 28

  1. Blogs evolve and often turn into something very different from what we imagined our blog to be when we first started. But finding a community of other bloggers who love to write and to express themselves is what makes blogging so infectious and addictive … in a good way, of course.

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  2. Love this post 🙂 Making connections has been particularly important since Covid arrived ❤ I also like the added motivation to write daily. Blessings to you!

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