Delight: FOWC with Fandango

Go to Fandango’s site to get the new word for today:

Things that are delightful:
1. chocolate ice cream
2. a sunny beach
3. a baby laughing
4. impeachment
5. a good night’s sleep
6. extra money
7. praise
8. love
9. purposeful ignorance
10. yellow cake with chocolate frosting

6 thoughts on “Delight: FOWC with Fandango

    1. Because sometimes you just have to purposely ignore people or things around you. Like the news or Trump. Some days it is so much better to not even know what is going on or that there is even an issue. I learned it working with kids with behaviors. They constantly push your buttons…ignoring it without thought can often put them over the edge. Purposely ignoring it gets you prepared to move on without reaction.

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