Fried Ice cream

This is the prompt for November writing prompts at this blog:

It’s a yummy time for having 
a delicate dessert 

It’s got a crispy outside 
Watch out, the flames will hurt! 

They light the thing on fire 
to burn the alcohol 

But once you eat the outside 
the rest will melt and fall. 

Enjoy the whole decision 
of what you chose to pick 

Fried Ice cream is a secret 
A sort-of fried food icy trick.

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

One thought on “Fried Ice cream

  1. The fair (back before COVID) had fried everything. Some was tasty and others not so much – like the fried butter. I suppose if you were trying to get heart disease that might be the way to go… I often wondered how they managed without having the whole thing just go liquid. I was told that they kept it frozen like liquid nitrogen frozen. I bet that’s the same with the ice cream! Thanks for triggering some pleasant memories of summers past!

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