Fried Ice cream

This is the prompt for November writing prompts at this blog:

It’s a yummy time for having 
a delicate dessert 

It’s got a crispy outside 
Watch out, the flames will hurt! 

They light the thing on fire 
to burn the alcohol 

But once you eat the outside 
the rest will melt and fall. 

Enjoy the whole decision 
of what you chose to pick 

Fried Ice cream is a secret 
A sort-of fried food icy trick.

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

August Writing Prompt

Two hands are all I’ve got

Devostock BLUE SKY Two HANDS Hope

What I am doing

I’ve been here five days 

It seems like much more 

I try to be patient 

While I’m caring for 

My father who is 

Forgetting most of his life 

Because in the hospital  

Is his loving wife.  

I can only do what 

My two hands can do 

I try what I can 

And I will not be blue. 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Written for:

Chickens and Chocolate

Written for July Writing Prompts from puttingmyfeetinthedirt:

2020 Holidays

Chickens and chocolate and holiday fare 

It’s a sign of the times the shelves are all bare. 

There won’t be an Easter or sweet holiday 

All of the sweet stuff has been taken away. 

The chickens will lay only eggs on a farm 

We’ll eat them for breakfast, it won’t cause no harm. 

We’ll have to eat veggies and buttery toast 

While we wait for that chicken to finally roast.

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Sipping on subterfuge

May Writing Prompt:

Medina walked into the office, stilettos clicking on the floor. She knew she was perfect for the part and was not going to let anyone, not anyone, stand in her way!  

Upon entering she glanced around the modernly furnished office. Windows encased three sides of the room, making the room look enormous! The furniture was quite modern in a sort of eclectic…. What! Medina was reeling. Sitting in the chair next to the secretary was Felicia, her arch nemesis, her rival, her gold-digging, spiteful, revenge-seeking foe. Medina couldn’t believe what she was seeing. How did Felicia find out about the interview? Certainly, it wasn’t a case of subterfuge by the company, boasting that they are loyal to one girl at a time.  

Medina quickly composed herself, straightened her skirt and walking with shoulders high, walked right past Felicia to the open seat next to Mr. Braxton’s office door. She could hear Felicia snicker as she walked past, trying to get her nerves jostled. Nothing would ruin this for her.  

The door to Mr. Braxton’s office opened. He glanced out into the office waiting area. He looked at Felicia and politely nodded. Still scanning the room, he glanced down to his left where Medina was sitting.  “Medina, I am so glad you came today. I think I might just have the role for you!” Medina melted with relief. Maybe she didn’t have to worry as much as she thought.  

©2020 CBialczak Fiction

May Writing Prompts

The days of Alice

Written for M at:

I have been trying to think of how to use this prompt. I could write a poem about Alice. I could try and list all of the Alice’s I know of. I could write a story of Alice or talk about how much I love Alice in Wonderland. So I will do a little of each…..

Alice’s Puppy

Alice is a lady who lives right up the street 

Every time I’m walking she smiles when we meet.  

She has a little puppy, whose name is Baby Blue 

He is so cute and fuzzy, you can’t help what you do. 

You have to touch and hold him, cuddle him right up 

Take him home, bath him good, and call him your new pup.

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Alices I know

Alice in Wonderland
Alice the waitress in that diner (can’t recall the show)
Alice on the Brady Bunch
Alice, the lady I used to cook pies for
***not a very long list***

Alice Bakes

Once upon a time there was a woman named Alice. She was a chubby woman because she loved to bake and eat all the goodies herself. One day a nice family moved in the house across the street from Alice. She knew right away that she would bake them something nice to welcome them to their new home. First, she baked chocolate chip cookies, but you cannot really give someone only two or three cookies as a welcome gift, especially when there are at least four people in the family. Next, she baked a sweet peach pie. She could not bring that over because by the time she was done there were no peaches left in the sweet crust. Knowing she had to do something, she thought and thought about what she could bake that would be enough to bring over.  
Alice took out all her pots and pans, her flour and sugar, rolling pin, electric mixer, and all the other ingredients she was going to need. She worked and worked to get the recipe exactly right. Finally, she had her baked goods for the new neighbors. She had made peanut butter cookies! What was different about these you ask? Well, she was allergic to peanuts. She figured she would have to make something she really could not eat.  
Problem solved and new neighbors are happy to meet Alice.  

©2020 CBialczak Fiction

March 2020 Writing Prompts

Written for:

prompt: Finding rainbows between the clouds

Finding Rainbows

I barely get to see one 
but every time I do 
the colors are so brilliant 
the red, green and blue.  

It is a special feeling 
to drive below the arc 
I wonder where the gold is 
I think that I should park. 

I’d park and walk forever 
to find that filled up pot 
cause gold could keep me busy 
it could help me out a lot.  

I know what I would do then 
if gold is what I found 
I’d buy the world some sunshine 
and peace for all around. 

I’d hope to get my life back 
for I’ve lost so much since then 
I live for all my chances 
I’ll wait for where and when.  

This time I keep on driving 
below the colored sky 
I’ll wish for lots more colors 
for now, I say goodbye.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry