Take Seven : 25th September

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anniversary, blogging, bracket, cascade, dog, earthy, fresh, futile, leap, lock, mad, money, pale, party, peal, portion, pressure, slipper, tall, ticket, torch.

Blogging Life

Once upon a time there was a dog named Bracket. He was a tall dog with a pale coat, almost like an earthy tone. One day Bracket was blogging and feeling a lot of pressure to make money. He knew he had the right ticket with “click ads” but they took over such a large portion of his blog, he decided to torch the idea as it was making him mad.  

It wasn’t until Bracket realized it was his blogging anniversary that he decided to take a fresh look at what he was doing. Was he somehow locked into something? He learned a lot this one day as he took a futile leap to look honestly at his work. He realized the cascade of followers at the beginning was a sort of peal in response to his originality. Now, like an old pair of slippers, followers were putting him aside, no longer needing him.  

In the end, Bracket realized the party was over, he was not willing to keep pushing forward.  

©2020 CBialczak Fiction

9 thoughts on “Take Seven : 25th September

    1. Hahaha yes, for me it is! I am so hooked. The days that I can’t get to it I feel like I am missing a day of work. I also miss my interactions. I won’t give it up until it is too hard to fight for!


    1. Once at the very beginning of blogging someone told me about putting the ads on my blog and that you get a penny or something each time someone clicks on it. I tried it but all it was was a nuisance! I couldn’t even read my own posts without having to scroll through to find out where my writing was. I really don’t like when there are ads on blogs.

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      1. I don’t think so because let’s say you write a story..They can automatically stick an add in between paragraphs. Then when someone wants to read your post they have to scroll and find where your story starts again. Not sure if that makes sense.


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