Fibbing Friday: September 25, 2020

As regular readers know, PCGuyIV and Di at pensitivity101 have kept the Fibbing Friday challenge going and thank you all for your continued support and participation.

These are my answers:

1. Why is Royal Blood considered blue?
Because then the police know if they find the blood it isn’t from a bad guy
2. What is a Blue Moon? A beer
3. What was the song ‘Blue is the Colour’ about? It was about all things blue to teach children – blueberries, blue sky, blue birds…
4. What is meant by blue collar? The first real polo shirts were a light blue color because white gets too dirty so they just called them blue collar instead of polo or button-down
5. What is a blue bonnet? A cheap brand of margarine
6. What did Little Boy Blue play? Before or after the pedophile charges?
7. What changed from brown to blue according to the song? The kids’ poop that went to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory
8. Where will you find a Blue Nun? At a synagogue
9. Why mustn’t you step on his Blue Suede Shoes? Because it will wreck the fabric, possibly taking the soft layer of suede, revealing an artificial black base
10. What kind of bird has blue feet? Probably penguins because they always have cold feet from standing on ice.

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