Blogging Insights 43 # Inspiring Others


How do you think a blogger can inspire others in the blogosphere?
I think the best inspiration is commenting on someone’s post, whether it is to talk about the subject of the post or the way it is written. When one gets a comment it gives you more inspiration to do it again. It is hard to keep the enthusiasm when you write and the feel like no one is looking at your work. That is what blogging is for, right? Showcasing interests and talents, connecting with others through common hobbies or goals?
I don’t think it is necessary to “like” everything you read but it is important to let the bloggers know that you are reading their work. Something made it catch your eye. You don’t have to say that you love it, you can comment on the topic in common or about an experience you had that they may be familiar with.

I think blogging is about connecting with others. If it wasn’t we would all walk around with a pad of paper or Word documents on the computer. People like to share the things they feel they did well. Acknowledging the effort is such an uplifting gesture!

6 thoughts on “Blogging Insights 43 # Inspiring Others

  1. Truly agree here! Commenting on someone’s post (and I add, positively please – move on if one does not have anything good to say as free will to choose and read what one likes to read) and giving insights or sharing information really makes the writer happy. Good share Stine! Thanks

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  2. Well, *I* read your response, so you should feel inspired!
    Actually I tend to “like” everything I read, I see it more like an “Appreciate” button rather than a “like” button – just that someone took the time and trouble to write the post in the first place. But I figure that liking something is quite cheap. If I feel motivated enough, I will comment. And, importantly, if I can think of something sensible to say.

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    1. I think that is fine if you are actually reading the posts, it is okay to like for the sake of showing that someone did a nice job with their contribution to the community. I meant just “liking” but not even really visiting or even browsing.

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