August Writing Prompt

Two hands are all I’ve got

Devostock BLUE SKY Two HANDS Hope

What I am doing

I’ve been here five days 

It seems like much more 

I try to be patient 

While I’m caring for 

My father who is 

Forgetting most of his life 

Because in the hospital  

Is his loving wife.  

I can only do what 

My two hands can do 

I try what I can 

And I will not be blue. 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

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6 thoughts on “August Writing Prompt

    1. Actually…it’s right now. I am super stressed and trying so hard not to get mad at him. Luckily it doesn’t phase him that I always say I have to use the bathroom…that is where I have my meltdowns!


    1. I brought my dad to his eye doctor today and he kept asking me if I was his daughter or if I was joking. Then, it nearly broke my heart, we were waiting for the doctor and he looked at me and said “are you embarrassed of me?” I was so shocked? I said No! Of course not! But it was hard to know that he might have thought it for whatever reason.

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