Clowns: dVerse poets pub

NO Clowns

Say goodbye

Clowns are so creepy 

Clowns are not cool 

Clowns need a new job 

They need a new school. 

Wash off your makeup 

Wash up your face 

Put on a new hat 

Find your own place. 

I hate to be angry 

I hate to be mad 

I just hate clowns 

It’s a feeling I had.  

I was born with this feeling 

I was born with this fear 

I just hate clowns  

It is a cross that I bear. 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

23 thoughts on “Clowns: dVerse poets pub

    1. Clowns are sad? I think that sad people need to put on that happy face and make people laugh so that they can feel better about themselves. If only they knew they didn’t need to hide behind that creepy makeup


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