Fibbing Friday

Di is hosting Fibbing Friday!:

Below are 10 questions, the answers to which are entirely up to you.
The idea though is to fib a little, a lot, tell whoppers, be inventive, silly or even outrageous, in your response as you evade the truth.

Write a post with your answers and tag it “Fibbing Friday” or #FibbingFriday, then link back to this post so that others can enjoy your answers and maybe join in too!
If you use WordPress, pingbacks are enabled, so as long as you link to this post, it should show up.
Bear in mind though that they are usually approved manually, so don’t be surprised if the link doesn’t show up immediately. You can also leave a link to your post in the comments.

This week, I’m going to give you ten true collective nouns and ask you to what/who they refer.


1.  Aurora – Refers to the real name of the witch in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
2. Argument – The drunk version of asking someone what they really said arg-you-meant?
3. Blessing – The part of the saddle where you attach the reins
4. Smack – The person who serves food at the drive thru of McDonalds
5.  Embarrassment – The crawl space under a house when there is not basement
6.  Prickle – A group of little old ladies having tea
7.  Bloat – The part of a frog that blows up under its chin to make the croaking sound.
8.  Coalition – The black stuff that stays on your hands after you have put coal in a coal stove
9.  Barrel – A faster way to say what you did at the cemetery
10. Zeal – Striped fish that only live in the Pacific Ocean

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