Schmutzwortsuche: Word of the Day

Melanie from sparksfromacombustiblemind
decided this was the word of the day. Well, I had a laugh reading Di’s at pensitivity101;


I remember when we were younger, probably around third grade, when we started hearing swear words, we used to look words up in the dictionary to see if they were “real” words or to see what the dictionary said it meant. Some I remember were: shit, ass, and yes, I will admit, penis. Hahaha! Now if you looked that up on the internet you would get a lot more than a definition of the male appendage.

My dad always had a dictionary in the bathroom. He would read a new word every day. I don’t know about you but I go in, do my business, then leave. I can sit anywhere else in the house to read.

So I don’t have anything funny to say about this word, it is one of those words that you hear once and never see again. I will have to post something if I see this word elsewhere in the future!

5 thoughts on “Schmutzwortsuche: Word of the Day

  1. I think a lot of youngsters of a certain generation spent their time looking up ‘questionable’ words in the dictionary and snickering rudely. I know I did and so did my siblings, particularly as puberty got nearer… These days it’s sort of ‘in your face’ from day one as I understand things. Thanks Christine!

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