MTB: I am, The First Person Narrative

So for today’s prompt, compose a poem using “I am…” with a First Person narrative in any part of your verse.  Go experimental and creative with your “I am” poem.

I am still here

I am a turbulent wind blowing and moving and seeing no end in sight.
I am a raging fire burning with no ability to put the hot flames out. 
I am an ocean full of tears with no way of measuring how much water exists.  
I am an empty, broken eggshell with no way of getting put back together. 
I am a gray boulder sitting and waiting for someone to move me to a new place. 
I am also a bird flying free, without restrictions, able to make my very own decisions. 
I am still here, although alone, with memories being my only reminder.

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

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