Bosom: word of the day challenge

Written for Cyranny’s Cove Word of the Day:

emotional reset

Lay your head upon me 

Let my bosom be your pillow 

Feel the warmth of my body 

Instill heat in your cold bones 

While placing safety and security 

In your mind to ponder then trust 

So that you may lift your head 

Stand tall 

And begin your day again.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

3 thoughts on “Bosom: word of the day challenge

  1. My newborn son was finally home but
    I was unsure how to be a mom.
    I had never held a baby,
    who needed so much from me.
    I walked him for hours,
    and tried to get him to sleep.
    But when he nursed at my bosom
    and quickly fell into slumber,
    my confidence and love
    grew to never experienced heights.

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