Sipping on subterfuge

May Writing Prompt:

Medina walked into the office, stilettos clicking on the floor. She knew she was perfect for the part and was not going to let anyone, not anyone, stand in her way!  

Upon entering she glanced around the modernly furnished office. Windows encased three sides of the room, making the room look enormous! The furniture was quite modern in a sort of eclectic…. What! Medina was reeling. Sitting in the chair next to the secretary was Felicia, her arch nemesis, her rival, her gold-digging, spiteful, revenge-seeking foe. Medina couldn’t believe what she was seeing. How did Felicia find out about the interview? Certainly, it wasn’t a case of subterfuge by the company, boasting that they are loyal to one girl at a time.  

Medina quickly composed herself, straightened her skirt and walking with shoulders high, walked right past Felicia to the open seat next to Mr. Braxton’s office door. She could hear Felicia snicker as she walked past, trying to get her nerves jostled. Nothing would ruin this for her.  

The door to Mr. Braxton’s office opened. He glanced out into the office waiting area. He looked at Felicia and politely nodded. Still scanning the room, he glanced down to his left where Medina was sitting.  “Medina, I am so glad you came today. I think I might just have the role for you!” Medina melted with relief. Maybe she didn’t have to worry as much as she thought.  

©2020 CBialczak Fiction

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