Three Things Challenge #206


Matt’s love

Matt was a man who liked to dine  
on cheap champagne and cheese  
He wanted a wife who he could love  
who also wanted to please.  
He searched and searched hi and low  
but never found a good sign.  
He polished his teeth and combed his hair  
he always wanted to shine.  
There once was a lady who he had met  
who hadn’t had much love before  
they fell in love and so they bought  
satin sheets to lay on the floor. 

They bought a house and bought a car 
they thought they’d finally get rich 
but hopes and dreams pop just as fast 
as a car driving into a ditch. 

So now they lay side by side 
in a grave built for couples of two 
but no one knows about their love 
so, there’s no one who really feels blue.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

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