Three Things Challenge #860

Hosted by Di at pensitivity101! Thanks Di for this daily challenge.

Your final three words for January are:

A Storm is Coming

Riding in my yacht
water all around
I feel the winds are blowing
I hear their rushing sound
I walk up to the captain
with parka zipped up tight
to ask him whats the weather
on the up and coming night
He tells me “wait a minute”
he has to check the deck
the sonar and the compass
are his shiplike x-ray check
He says a storm is coming
and to hurry down below
I kiss his cheek and thank him
with a wink before I go.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Three Things Challenge #393

 The challenge is to simply read the prompt and see where your creativity takes you, using one, two or all three words in your post.

Have fun and these are your three things today are:


I Challenged the Doc

When I went to the doctors  

I knew what he’d say 

Let’s see how you’ve grown 

Let’s see how much you weigh. 

With the greatest of worries 

I stepped on the scale 

I knew I was overweight 

Yup, hit the head of the nail. 

The doctor he looked at me 

Full of sick dread 

“you’d better lose weight 

Or you’ll soon wind up dead!” 

Then I got off the scale  

And knew the needle was next 

One jab of that thing 

Oh, my muscles did flex! 

To inoculate me 

In such a worrisome state 

Has made me forget  

The time and the date. 

So, I got up to leave 

And I said to the doc 

Next time it’s your turn 

And you can take stock 

Of how bad that thing hurts 

Maybe you even know 

But the look on your face 

Tells me I’d better just go.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Three Things Challenge

Written for Di at pensitivity101:

Your three things today are:



Back at the ranch 

Under the stars 

The pressure was on 

To head straight to the bars 

No money to spare 

So, we knew to drink light 

A ticket to paradise 

Not far from sight.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Three Things Challenge #277

Thanks to Di at Pensitivity101 for 3 things:

Your three things today are:


My experience

Having worked with the psychologically fragile I understand that caregivers need a chance to receive respite for all the hours they put in. It is a lot of work and mentally demanding. A great day is even an hour of peacefulness. It is not unheard of for smaller children suffering from an emotional disturbance to suddenly appear naked, to shock the caregiver. Luckily, I do not believe adults are the same. The hardest part is convincing caregivers that respite is for them, not because they can’t do their job right.  

©2020 CBialczak Nonfiction

Three things challenge

Your three things today are:


Written for Di at pensitivity101:

Chess Game

Walking along the buttress 

Of her seemingly war proof fortress 

Grace asked her soldiers for much less 

To whisper so that noise was voiceless 

Lest they should feel so useless 

They went off to play the game of chess. 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry


Three Things Challenge #206


Matt’s love

Matt was a man who liked to dine  
on cheap champagne and cheese  
He wanted a wife who he could love  
who also wanted to please.  
He searched and searched hi and low  
but never found a good sign.  
He polished his teeth and combed his hair  
he always wanted to shine.  
There once was a lady who he had met  
who hadn’t had much love before  
they fell in love and so they bought  
satin sheets to lay on the floor. 

They bought a house and bought a car 
they thought they’d finally get rich 
but hopes and dreams pop just as fast 
as a car driving into a ditch. 

So now they lay side by side 
in a grave built for couples of two 
but no one knows about their love 
so, there’s no one who really feels blue.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Gold Water: Three Things Challenge, #writephoto, FOWC with Fandango

Devon knew the history of the stone sculpture, but he wasn’t sure he trusted the tale. Back in the day there was the belief that in winter, when the ice thaws, the water that falls from the sides of the rock was infused with gold. The story was nice but if the tale were true then the ink upon the rice paper which is laid under the flow would also turn gold. That has never happened, at least in his lifetime.  

©2020 CBialczak

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