Three Line Tales, Week 219

three line tales, week 219: a man with red letters illuminating his face
photo by Daniel Monteiro via Unsplash

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Despite the glow of the neon lights on his face, Jamie could clearly see Jenna through the window of the pub. Sitting with another man, she was laughing, her smile wide, her eyes bright, and her hair gently tossed to the side as he reaches across the table to brush hair out of her face. Jamie couldn’t believe it was over, yet seeing it didn’t make it any clearer or hurt less, it made his heart ache with the memory of all the times they shared in this same pub.

3 thoughts on “Three Line Tales, Week 219

  1. Interesting. I’ve often wished my ex could see how much happier I am without him…I guess that doesn’t sound very Christian, does it.

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