Three Line Tales 246

three line tales, week 246: a pile of plastic toys
photo by Nareeta Martin via Unsplash for:

We stared at the bin of toys, completely mesmerized with the variety of toys and the memories many of them invoked.
It was a shame that so many toys would be thrown in the trash when there are probably thousands of children who would love them like they were brand new.
It would take more than just my dream or desire to share these things to make sure the toys got to the right kids, where they could be enjoyed, even though they weren’t brand new.

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Three Line Tales

three line tales 234: a man playing the fiddle on a boat
photo by Calum MacAuley

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Written for Sonya at Only 100 Words:

Silent Sounds

He listened intently as the bow ran across the strings of the antique violin, purchased from a yard sale while stopping at a port.
He couldn’t hear a sound from the bow, but in his head he could hear the music clearly, note for note, without a single screech from the instrument.
Perhaps it was all in his head, maybe it was stuck in the violin, but he didn’t care because he heard the music loud and clear.

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three line tales, week 232: rubber duckies in bubble bath
photo by Thomas Despeyroux via Unsplash

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Written for Sonya at Only 100 Words:

Sink or Float

If I were to swim to the edge of the foam I am not sure if I would stay afloat or sink.
No one ever told me what to do when the water was clear and it looked like you could fall forever.
Perhaps I will stay in this foam, where I know I am safe, amongst my peers, floating above some foreign land.

©2020 CBialczak Fiction 

Three Line Tales, Week 225

three line tales, week 225
photo by Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash

She sat, her small fingers working the pieces, turning them, twisting them, putting them aside.

There would be a car in the end, that is what her plan is, even though it is not coming as easily as she had presumed.

Her young mind and patient manner will continue the attempts more than the adults she lives with, who just want to put all the bricks away and take something new out to play with.

Three line tales

three line tales, week 220: beach baseball (or beach cricket?)
photo by Brandon Hoogenboom via Unsplash

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It didn’t take long to get everyone together for the stickball game, since everyone was home from school. We all tried to keep our social distancing appropriate, and Andy didn’t have to worry with Baxter at bat, the ball would be flying a lot farther than six feet. Baxter trained his eye on the ball as Andy wound up the pitch…

Three Line Tales, Week 219

three line tales, week 219: a man with red letters illuminating his face
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Despite the glow of the neon lights on his face, Jamie could clearly see Jenna through the window of the pub. Sitting with another man, she was laughing, her smile wide, her eyes bright, and her hair gently tossed to the side as he reaches across the table to brush hair out of her face. Jamie couldn’t believe it was over, yet seeing it didn’t make it any clearer or hurt less, it made his heart ache with the memory of all the times they shared in this same pub.

Three Line Tales, Week 217

tltweek217.jpg (640×640)

When I finally land I know I will regret not stopping at more places. This is a once in a lifetime trip and I haven’t even gotten samples from all the places I have been too. I just hope my journaling is sufficient in helping me remember how this wonderful trip in space has been!

three line tales, week 213

an old school desk with lamp, rotary telephone and typewriter photo by Klaas via Unspalsh

When I climb the stairs, to the attic room I use for my writing center, I smell the musty air settling down on my skin as I climb the folding ladder. I left my work abruptly, yesterday, and now hope my ideas will flow freely back into my head. This quiet attic holds more stories than I am even aware of, which I hope to learn by sitting at my desk, with the light of my lamp shining upon my typewriter.

Three Line Tales Week 201

As she sat near the tracks, waiting for the gush of wind from the coming train, she wondered if people before her had sat in this same spot, waiting for the same gush of wind. She knew she would have to move quickly, once she heard the train approach, but for now she enjoyed the freedom to sit and wait. As the moment ticked on she started to feel the rumble of the coming train and started to hear the scraping of the metal wheels along the metal rails, and she began to wonder what it would be like to not move, to not worry about another day, to see the people before her.