Blogging A to Z April Challenge: I 04/10/2020

Inner feelings – don’t be afraid to share 

This post can be construed in multiple ways, so I will address my belief in multiple ways.

Right now, the world is turned upside down with sickness, despair, sadness, you name it! Kids see and hear things that they don’t necessarily talk about. They might overhear you on the phone saying you hope you don’t get sick because you don’t want your kids to be alone. Well, if they hear that, what they really hear is: “I’m going to die and my children will be alone.” So, what do you do? Talk to your children. Tell them what you are afraid of, tell them what scares you. By seeming human to them, they will then share with you. Talking about how you really feel is probably one of the healthiest things you can do.

In another sense, I think it is important to teach kids that their feelings do matter to you. They need to understand that although everyone in their lives are not going to agree with them or even care, you are there to care! If a child tells you they are scared, don’t just so, “Oh, it will be fine soon.” Ask them what part they are afraid of. You will get much more attention this way and they will feel like you are listening. Why would someone want to share their feelings if they knew they would only be brushed aside.

Also, talked to your children about what they think OTHERS are feeling right now. That is called empathy, being able to understand what another person is going through. (Merriam Webster: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

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