Slice: A true story

It’s Six Sentence Story Thursday Link Up!

When I was growing up my mother knew that the only way anyone was going to eat fruit was to have it already sliced and ready to eat. Each slice of watermelon, juicy and sweet. Each slice of cantaloupe melting in your mouth. If she did not slice it, the fruit would sit in the refrigerator until it rotted and had to be thrown out. So instead of wasting so much good food, she washed it and sliced it and everyone gobbled up every last bit of fruit. As a mother, I did the same thing and as you may have guessed, fruit disappears just as fast as I slice it. 

17 thoughts on “Slice: A true story

    1. Right?!?! That is like all of the famous fitness people. They talk about eating right and exercising every day. Well, if someone cooked for me I would eat very well and if my main job was staying in shape I could do that too but there is only so much time in a day.


  1. The true fun of these Six Sentence Storys!

    The time machine effect, as we cast our minds towards the past to check on our personal experience in the matter of fruit and childhood…and refrigerators.

    lol, rather cruel, I must say, given the tendency of we participants to be totally about creating/remembering/re-forming images and memories…

    Welcome to the Six Sentence Story

    but…. but! what about bananas!?!? Surely the champagne of the fruit world (fruit domain? kingdom?) how quickly they lose their youthful gift when exposed to the world.


  2. Mother always sliced fruit prior to putting it on the platter. I think as there were five children it was to make it stretch. HA.

    We had plenty of food, but she wasn’t wasteful at all and knew what would make more sense.

    Good six. Good use of the cue.

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    1. So true! My favorite time of year is when all of the picking seasons start. Raspberries are my absolute favorites. They say “no eating, just picking” and I am good about not taking advantage but they are so delicious I can never help indulging slightly!

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