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Marcus knew his plans to take Billy to the rodeo were solid and it would be a great day with his son.
He had everything prepared and the only thing left to do was pick Billy up at his mother’s house.
After the flawless pick-up, the two were on their way to the rodeo at the old arena downtown.
Billy loved the time with his dad and knew the rodeo was going to be a great place to go.
Unfortunately, Marcus spent most of the time looking for Billy who got lost in the shuffle at the entry gates.
He had never felt this kind of fear in his life; luckily Billy was a bright kid and knew to sit in one place until he was found.

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Sunday Six Sentence Story

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This weeks word is filter

Jenny walked out of the room, her face beet-red, feeling embarrassed and ashamed of the man she brought as her date. Not only had he completely under-dressed for the occasion, even though she told him what everyone else would be wearing, he showed up twenty five minutes late! Then there was the conversation with her boss! He had absolutely no filter, telling her boss about their intimacy and what they did when they were alone together in the bedroom. She would never be able to look at her boss again, not without shame written all over her face. He had been one of her worst decisions ever!

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Question: It’s Six Sentence Story Thursday Link Up!

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The Real Bat Problem

It isn’t a question of who or where, it is a question of why. There are many reasons to stay isolated but if this all came from a bat, what happened to the ball? Why would a perfectly round ball want to leave a bat behind, where it could get used for something other than what it is intended for? I would think that being a bat, you would want to remain connected to your ball, not left to cause problems for the locals. And who would use an unknown bat anyhow? I stay away from unknown items, like bats, that can cause health issues beyond anything we have ever imagined.

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Slice: A true story

It’s Six Sentence Story Thursday Link Up!

When I was growing up my mother knew that the only way anyone was going to eat fruit was to have it already sliced and ready to eat. Each slice of watermelon, juicy and sweet. Each slice of cantaloupe melting in your mouth. If she did not slice it, the fruit would sit in the refrigerator until it rotted and had to be thrown out. So instead of wasting so much good food, she washed it and sliced it and everyone gobbled up every last bit of fruit. As a mother, I did the same thing and as you may have guessed, fruit disappears just as fast as I slice it.