Three Things Challenge: shotgun, cloud, wind

Life for me 

If I were to ride shotgun 
on a trip down to the south 
I’d like to bring my music 
And food to fill my mouth. 
I’d watch the world around me  
and hope to see the most 
like clouds and trees and other things, 
about my trip I’d boast.  
I’d talk to all my people 
about all that I have seen 
and hope that they can understand 
exactly what I mean.  
I’d go back home once again 
to lead my normal life. 
I’d remember all my memories 
of being a mom and wife.  
I’d go ahead to live my now 
because it’s what I love. 
The wind, the trees, the sunshine, 
I thank my God above.  

©2020 C Bialczak 

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