From my desk: 09/22/2020

I’m up and getting my things packed, ready to fly home. I am very grateful for my short trip. I was able to see my dear friend, as she battles the final stage of cancer. I will be back in October and have already told her I am planning on seeing her then, she is fighting to stay here on earth, especially for her husband and children. She is a strong woman.

I haven’t been on WP as often as I am used to, due to traveling and all that. I appreciate everyone still stopping in despite the lack of new content!

I have to say I am grateful also for David who takes over being dog-mom and guinea pigs-mom every time I hop on a plane unexpectedly. My daughter is also unbelievably helpful. I love them both so very much.

Well enough jibber-jabber. Jumping in the shower before heading to the airport. Bye, Florida! I’ll be back soon!

To all of WP family, I am anxious to get back with all of you soon!

Peace to you all!

From my desk: 8/8/2020

We are still without power. The estimate is that it will be restored by Tuesday at midnight. This is really getting old!

I haven’t seen any posts in almost a week I think! As soon as power is restored I will have a busy day catching up.

The Storm

Dark clouds cover the sun. Lights flicker. Trees fall. Wind. Rain. Sun. Now there is only sun.

We shelter within

Masked world becomes one alone

Signs of a new day

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

From My Desk August 6, 2029

We still have no power due to the storm on Tuesday. Thank you for continuing to visit my site even though I am unable to peruse anyone else’s. I have to preserve my phone battery, otherwise I would use my phone.

Peace to you all, stay healthy, stay safe!

From my desk: August 5, 2020

The last few days have been tough because of Storm Isaias. There has been wind and power outages, worry about food going bad.

I have spent the last three days getting my sister addicted to 90 Day Fiance. I was out in the sun, at the pool, and at the beach. I take the ferry home tomorrow.

I am so tired today. Not being in my own bed means not sleeping as good as I can. I tell you this because I haven’t slept well. I will be back to my old self tomorrow I hope.

Thank you for following and have a peaceful evening.

From my desk: June 29, 2020

Well, tomorrow I begin my two day journey back up north. I will have to quarantine myself until I get retested for COVID since I am now in one of the target states. That is fine with me, I have a lot to do around the house as I really want to try and get it on the market again.

I hate to say goodbye to my dad even though I am ready to go home. Right now he lives so far away that I get nervous that I won’t see him again. Besides the dementia he is healthy as a 20 year old so I probably worry more than I should!

In the next two days please stop by and say hello! I hate when I can’t get on here and post a lot and then see no one has stopped by! I’m sort of a cry baby like that.

Please try to stay healthy no matter where you are on this planet! This virus is so pushy and just doesn’t want to go away!

Peace to you all and I look forward to getting home and resuming my regular “work day” of writing and reading on here!

From my desk: 06/21/2020

So I started on the road at 9:00 am this morning. I am finally climbing into bed in North Carolina, after showering and the such. It was a nice ride and I got about 1.5 hours further than I usually do when I drive to Florida because there wasn’t much traffic…on my side of the highway!

I was so excited and bummed at the same time today. Waze, which is what I was using for my directions, had me go through Washington DC instead of around it. I was pretty far from it but I got a shot of the Washington Monument.

Anyhow, I had to shut my camera off so that I could see the directions and next thing you know, I am driving practically right past the Washington Monument, then past the Jefferson Memorial (I could see right through it and I saw Jefferson sitting there), and then……..get this…….The Pentagon! Where was my GoPro? In the trunk! I was so mad. Then to make matters worse, a few minutes later I’m passing Quantico! Yesterday when I was packing I said to myself to put the GoPro in the front with me but this morning I forgot. I may try to go back that way on my drive home!

Besides that, driving into New Jersey I saw green trees and grass! That is amazing because it is always so barren looking to me, but without all the pollution I think it is healing.

I did have to stop for a nap in Maryland, which took about an hour off my ride, so I was making really good time and wasn’t speeding, well mostly not speeding.

Goodnight and I will update my travels tomorrow evening when I arrive in Palm Coast Florida to see a dear friend.

Peace to you all and stay safe and healthy!

From my desk: 06/30/2020

Good night to all of my WordPress Family and Friends!

Tomorrow I will probably be absent from the computer. David and I have plans to meet some people at a Winery about an hour away. I haven’t been there in at least three years. I loved it then, hopefully I will love it tomorow!

Please stay safe!

Peace and Love…Stop hating….

From my desk: April 8, 2020

I’m sitting here, in my usual “blogging chair” and I’m reading various posts. Each day I try to read as many posts as I can before falling asleep (no one should take that personal!). Today is different.

Many of my followers know that last July I lost my son. I in no way want to minimize the relationship I have with my daughter, but I dread how I will feel waking up this weekend without my son. Last year, since I had lost my husband the year before, my son had bought me all of my summer flowers and vegetables for planting. Both my son and daughter showered me with love, gifts, and dinner. How does a parent who has lost a child still find happiness on Mother’s Day when you still have another child still here?

This weekend is supposed to get super chilly, they have said we might even get an inch of snow! What? New England isn’t that far north that we should be getting snow in May. This morning was sunny but now the clouds have come back to make it a gloomy, chilly Friday afternoon. I did make brownies, though!

I have been working on a new miniature. It is another flat/apartment. These are the pictures of the kit, right out of the box.

I won’t do many challenges this afternoon as I am not feeling up to thinking hard enough. Lol! I will continue my miniature, eat my brownies, and thank God that I have a beautiful daughter who makes me so proud and happy!

Happy Pre-Mother’s Day!
Stay safe and healthy.
Keep your mask on!
Leave a comment for some conversation…..

Things I am thankful for:
My daughter, David, my dad, Laurette, my friends, my house, my life, and everything that I have that I sometimes take for granted! Peace to you all!

From my desk: 04/17/2020

I have a lot of questions…. Feel free to answer the questions that might pertain to you or that you have something to say about them….

Why can’t we hear about all the people who are recovered from COVID-19?

There are millions and billions of people in the world. I know that the amount of people who have died is in the hundred thousands. But what about the people who have survived it? There are days that I almost wish I would just get tested positive so I don’t have to wonder anymore. I know that is foolish but the daily scare is getting to me. I am keeping busy for the most part but the one thing I miss is seeing the few friends and family members who mean so much to me.

Why can’t it get warmer here in New England since it is already halfway through April?
It is already the 17th. Before you know it it is going to be May. Once June hits it starts to get warmer. I’m assuming there will be no open beaches this summer. I don’t see this ending anytime soon, but I would feel so much better if could sit outside in the sun and just be slightly warm. Most mornings it is still only in the forties!

How am I supposed to exercise when my entire body hurts all the time?
I have Psoriatic Arthritis. I wasn’t diagnosed until about four years ago. Before that I honestly thought I was slowly falling apart. I have had shoulder surgery, foot surgery, gall bladder surgery, hip surgery, a few female surgeries and a full hip replacement. The last time I saw my orthopedic doctor I told him my hip hurts. He said it is because I am overweight. I went on to tell him that in the past year and a half I lost my husband and my son. Well, now the second year anniversary of losing my husband is coming up. So, I guess I’m supposed to lose weight. All of my joints hurt.
When I first started really being in pain all the time I wasn’t sure if it was Lupus, FIbromyalgia, Rhuematoid Arthritis, or something else. So I guess it is good to have a diagnosis but it doesn’t do much to help with the pain. I got my Medical Marijuana license but I can’t do that all day, or can I? I am still learning.

How am I going to learn how to use Photoshop?
I have started reading Photoshop for Dummies, but I almost need to go to a class and have someone walk me through step by step, for a few weeks. Maybe once the world opens again I can find one. I have watched multiple tutorials but the minute I shut them off I am completely blank! Not to mention the tutorials give you pictures and all that. So how do I do all the same stuff with my pictures? Ugh, it is very confusing.

Why am I feeling so discouraged about my writing?
I write here on my blog every day. I write poetry mostly. I always wanted to write Children’s Picture books. I have four published books that I used a vanity press to publish. That was before I knew about publishing and how it worked. Now I like to write nonfiction. I just have the feeling that I am wasting my own time. Is that part of depression? Is that part of being stuck at home week in and week out? Maybe I am just tired and cranky!

Why do babies ever get sick?
I keep seeing the St. Jude commercials and it rips my heart out. Yes, I lost my son, maybe that is why it gets to me so bad.

Why are people cruel to animals?
I admit I come close to crying every time I see the commercial for the ASPCA. I cry when I see animal hoarders. I cry when I see Trophy Hunters. I cry when I look at those poor animals that all they do is give love and someone can actually hurt them. They are so helpless!

So…this is my brain…this is not my brain on drugs! Lol! I just question everything. Maybe it’s good, maybe not, either way, this is me!

Update from my desk: 04/08/2020

I won a Poetry Soup poetry contest for my poem Riding the Carousel!

Rainy day today. Yesterday was beautiful and sunny. Hoping to get some plants this weekend to spruce up the yard. It will all depend on the weather. I cried yesterday about it. This is going to be the first time in probably ten years that I buy my own flowers and vegetable plants. Usually Bob went with the kids for Mother’s Day, then last year because Bob had passed away Joey bought them all for me. Now Joey is gone too. David said he will buy them for me if I like him to. Not sure what I want to do yet!

Putting two pieces of furniture together today. I bought a cabinet for the living room, sort of to use as a liquor cabinet, since I don’t have one and honestly I need all the kitchen cabinet space I can get for kitchen stuff. The other piece is a pantry for the kitchen. Right now, after selling all of my furniture last year, I have nowhere to put containers and stuff like aluminum foil. I will use it for food too I presume. I will be busy with the building today.

My Blogging A to Z Challenge was themed: Education. It still is geared towards educating children but has taken on a bit of social education as well. I think it is important that we as adults handle this whole COVID-19 pandemic correctly with children so they don’t get overly traumatized.

I finished all of the book cases for my Bookstore miniature. Now I have to make ALL the little books. I just finished 10 little boxes that were in the directions. I will post pictures shortly.

Have a blessed day, stay indoors, stay away from others, stay healthy! And I offer you peace if you have lost someone to COVID-19.