From my desk: 08/26/2022

I can’t believe how quickly time seems to pass. It is remarkable when you think about those days, like Christmas morning as a kid, when days didn’t come fast enough. How does that work? Totally random question, no need to really ponder it.

But this is why I am writing:

What kind of Spam do you get in your WordPress comments?

I ask because mine is really inappropriate, to the point of disgusting sometimes, and I was wondering if that was just my site or if everyone got the same Spam. Maybe I clicked on something once and now it stuck? Where do they all come from and honestly, what is the point of them? Call me naive but I can’t wrap my head around it.

21 thoughts on “From my desk: 08/26/2022

      1. I’m so frustrated right now! I just listed something on Facebook Marketplace and there are all scammers! Asking for me to text them, asking me to give my location. It isn’t worth the hassle to try and sell anything anymore there. I used to all the time but I am taking it off and am aggravated because I went through this a few months ago and just forgot about it. I learned this time.

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  1. For me, I received all my messages from WP on my email. It allows me to mark such messages as phishing and to report it. That usually ends spam from that source. A filter doesn’t seem to work so well because they always change the sender name/address.

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      1. Yes, you have to be very careful about what you open up. The hackers can get into your friend’s contacts and use it to contact you and they can spoof your friends name and unless you hover over the name you won’t know it’s a hacker. Sometimes you have to hover over the sender name as a double check and you will see the address of the real person who sent it to you. No fun! Be vigilant.

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  2. I get a lot of RV sales promotions or something to do with RVs. Don’t know why; I’ve never been interested in getting an RV, haha. Mine go straight to the spam folder, so I don’t see it unless I go there to empty it.

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  3. I received some years ago but now WP catches it all. I had to put in every word in the spam filter I didn’t want to see as a comment on the black list. That includes benign words in the spammers email address.

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