From my desk: May 8, 2022

First let me say Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers, wherever the children may be. Today is a hard day for me as I struggle to enjoy beautiful memories while trying to acknowledge but not let sad memories prevail. Motherhood, if it is right for you, is wonderful. For those who don’t have children for whatever reason…I’m sure you are just as important to someone, so celebrate the day!


My Frog Problem!!!

So, we have a bit of a frog problem. At first it was when we hadn’t gotten the pool chemicals all straightened out so I thought it was probably a good habitat. But since then, we keep it diligently clean and still, we have a frog issue. Now when I say frog issue…take a look at last weeks morning photos!

Absolutely horrifying! It took a lot of skimming and vacuuming to get all that gloppy jelly out of the pool. Well, the other night we went for a swim and I saw one. I had done a little research into the problem, as I don’t want to kill them, just get them out of my pool. So I spread a layer of coffee grounds around the outside of the pool and for almost a week no frogs. We had rain twice this week and I thought I should go back out with the coffee but was lax about it. I have not gone out yet this morning but I was woken last night to a chorus of frog sex and partying! I ran out with the coffee, scooped the few in the pool, and kept my fingers crossed before going to bed. If the problem is bad, I will post pictures later. I just can’t have my morning ruined by that now.

Anyhow, we have googled many things about the frog issue and it seems that one of the problems may be the small solar lights I have around the yard. Apparently, although not the lighting they show on the internet, maybe that is enough light to attract bugs which then attracts frogs. Poison is not an option. I don’t want to sterilize my backyard.

Have a beautiful day and if you don’t see a frog problem post from me, you can take it that I walked out to a clean pool. Otherwise it will be a few hours before I horrify everyone with my frog pond pictures!


7 thoughts on “From my desk: May 8, 2022

    1. Well, when I went out yesterday there were in fact frog eggs in the pool again. I spent the better part of the morning deep cleaning the pool. I lifted the lid to the skimmer and almost wet myself as there were two giant frogs just sitting all gross right under the lid. Luckily David was able to coax them out. I don’t want to kill them, just get rid of them. Last night when I went out there was one frog on the edge of the pool. I shooshed him out and then sprayed the entire pool areas and surrounding grasses with a mix of lemon juice juice and vinegar. I then sprinkled whole cloves around the pool deck and threw a handful in the direction of a croaking frog. I have not gone out there yet as I prefer to enjoy my coffee and blog before getting aggravated with those pests.

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    1. Well, there were frog eggs yesterday morning. So I spent the morning cleaning the pool. Last night I sprayed with lemon juice and vinegar and threw whole cloves out. I will go see if they were back last night after I am done with my coffee and blogging!

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