From my desk: 09/28/2022

We are waiting for Hurricane Ian to hit land. We put the hurricane shutters on our house and left. We are staying with my Dad as this assisted living facility is hurricane ready with safe windows and doors and they have generators. It is starting to get windy now. The state just shut down the Skyway Bridge so we wouldn’t be able to get home if we wanted. Hopefully we can go home by tomorrow. I am not complaining though because David and I have beds in my dads room. The lower floors are lined with beds and unfortunately is starting to smell bad. I only go down to bring the dog out!

If anyone else is in the path of this storm (Jim), stay safe!

17 thoughts on “From my desk: 09/28/2022

  1. Southport, NC here. Where are you Christine? Spent the whole day taking down outside home decor, statues, bird baths & feeders. Have seven trellises covered in bougainvillea, morning glories, moon flowers and a climbing orange tree so had to stake and tie all those down. Outdoor swing and furniture disassembled and put in the house and lots and lots of hanging plants brought in. Now the waiting starts. Hope all is well where you are! ❤️


    1. Right now we are in St Petersburg, Florida. The storm is just below us so we have tons of wind and some rain. My dads assisted living Facility is a shelter so we came here. Boarded up the house and put stuff away but we will see! We have a fence around the pool that I’m worried about because it is only semi permanent. We will see. Stay safe it’s heading your way!


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