From my desk: 07/27/2022

I’ve been thinking and I want to give myself a challenge and write some sort of poem anthology and I want to ask everyone for help. For each poem, I would like to use between 7 and 10 random words. I don’t want to know if they are related, or anything else, just a list of words. For each set of words, I will write a poem, just like my compilations. I guess this would almost be like going back and grouping words from various bloggers and days, but thought it might be fun if anyone had some words they wanted me to work with. I’m also curious to see if what I come up with may be the “idea” of the blogger who left the list.

So…that being said, if you would like to help me in my personal challenge, give me a list of words in the comments below. I have done up to 12 words so I will try to attempt varying length lists. This is completely for fun and if you want me to dedicate the poem to you because it was on your list, I will. I guess it would be easier to say that if you DON”T want your name then tell me.

We shall see how this turns out. I am hoping that because blogs pop up here and there for different people randomly I will get some new bloggers with very varying lists.


Before I forget…I finished a few new ceramic vases and they are out of the kiln. I will be making the flowers for them and then having them on my shop on Etsy.

15 thoughts on “From my desk: 07/27/2022

  1. I’ll join in – drop, impress, job, salt, mock, history, elongate, astronomy
    I opened a dictionary at random and pointed to a word. Sometimes it didn’t work, weird words, so just stayed on the open pages and tried again 🙂

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