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Di hosts Share Your World. Check it out on her site, and all her other writings!

  1.  What kind of music do you like? When I get asked this I will often say Disco or Country but then I think about how much I love Queen and Andy Grammer, I love listening to Jazz, instrumental, piano. I don’t know how to pinpoint what my favorite is.
  2.  What is your favourite food? Again, hard to pinpoint. I love cooked shrimp. I love the way it smells when it is grilled. I can live without chicken, beef, and pork even though I do enjoy some of the recipes I get. I could live on Shrimp, Air-fried Cauliflower, and Raspberries!
  3.  What is your favourite tipple? Margaritas on the rocks with salt is an always favorite. I love Jack Daniels and Coke. In a can or bottle I love Twisted Tea.
    For those who don’t drink, what do you order when out with friends?
  4.  What relaxes you (music, reading, walking, meditation, yoga etc) piano music and creating things in my workspace.

How often do you have some ‘Me Time’? I have a lot of time to myself but I am not completely alone very often. I see them differently because being alone is more relaxing to me than just doing something by myself.

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