Fibbing Friday: 4th November

Hello and welcome to Fibbing Friday.
You can join in by writing a post with your answers to the questions below and tag it “Fibbing Friday” or #FibbingFriday.

This week is a theme of phobias and I’ve given you 15 as there were so many good ones.

The idea is to have fun, be outrageous (but please keep it family friendly), silly, cheeky, or whatever takes your fancy as long as you fib your socks off.

So, what do you think these are phobias of?

Ablutophobia – fear of feeling bloated after a big meal
Androphobia – fear of anything that is not made by Apple
Ataxophobia – fear of being taxed
Autophobia – fear of cars
Bathmophobia – fear of taking a bath
Chromophobia – fear of anything not black or white
Ephebiphobia – fear of words with double letters
Genuphobia – fear of being honest
Heliophobia – Fear of floating
Nomophobia – fear of getting more of anything
Osmophobia – fear of inclusion
Podophobia – fear of tight places
Trypophobia – fear of attempting to pop balloons
Wiccaphobia – fear of witches
Zuigerphobia – fear of words starting with the letter Z

11 thoughts on “Fibbing Friday: 4th November

  1. Not really. They hold auditions in several cities around the country each time, and the second time I auditioned was during COVID and the audition was done over Zoom. And the actual studio is still about 350 miles from me.

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  2. Ablutophobia – fear of Bluto, the villain from Popeye
    Androphobia – fear of people named Andrew (I liked your answer)
    Bathmophobia – fear of Batman; the “h” was added later through a common misspelling becoming standard
    Chromophobia – fear of tricked-out chrome hubcaps
    Genuphobia – fear of Gene Belcher, the kid from Bob’s Burgers
    Heliophobia – fear of spirals
    Nomophobia – fear of eating loudly, nom nom nom (I liked your answer)
    Osmophobia – fear of wizards living in green palaces
    Podophobia – fear of the thing that peas grow inside
    Zuigerphobia – that’s a typo, it’s actually Luigerphobia, fear of always having to be player 2 in video games

    I skipped a few, I couldn’t think of anything better than yours


      1. Thanks… yours were too! If these were serious questions, I would guess fear of the sun for heliophobia, fear of men for androphobia, fear of feet for podophobia, fear of color for chromophobia, and fear of oneself for autophobia, all going by Greek root words. I don’t have any guesses for the others. (I looked them up; autophobia is more specifically fear of being alone, but I was right on the others.)

        Several years ago, I was watching Jeopardy, and there was a category like this, where they said a phobia and the contestant had to say what it was the fear of. One contestant got the Daily Double in this category, and the clue was “Selenophobia.” (I play along out loud at home while watching Jeopardy, and by the same logic that I used in the previous paragraph, I said, “What is fear of the moon?” I was right.) The contestant didn’t know, and time was running out, so the contestant said, “I don’t know. What is fear of Tejano singers?” 😂😂

        I shared that story on Facebook, and I added, “‘Selenophobia’ is not to be confused with ‘Célinophobia,’ which is the fear of French-Canadian pop singers. I definitely have that.”

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      2. Haha yes… I especially love it when I’m playing along at home, and I get Final Jeopardy right and none of the three contestants do. It makes me think I might actually have a shot if I ever get on that show. I’ve tried out four times, and two of those four times they called me back to audition, but I didn’t get on. It’s been long enough ago that I’m eligible to try again, I just haven’t gotten around to it :\

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