Twiglet #300: Dogs in Jackets

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dogs in jackets

Dogs don’t like jackets!

Have you ever seen one?
A doggy in a coat?
Like water in the ocean
Like buoys on a boat
They wear them in the winter
They wear them in the fall
They wear them made of denim
Those dogs will wear them all!
The arms are a bit shorter
The tail is different too
There isn’t a long zipper
They wouldn’t have a clue
It isn’t like they want them
or bark until its on
Its just what owners do to them
those coats they’re forced to don.
So if you get too see them
dogs in jackets out about
Tell them that they are special pups
and rub them on the snout.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

5 thoughts on “Twiglet #300: Dogs in Jackets

  1. I enjoyed this. Our last dog loved the buffalo plaid vest we put on her. Irish Setters don’t have an undercoat (they don’t get a winter coat) so she had to wear it, but she resisted us when we tried to take it off once we got home. The previous two dogs we had would have spent the entire walk trying to rip it off.

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