Advertising Sells

Di puts a little twist on why this woman is at the bar!!


What’s she doin’ here?
We don’t sell sex.
I know that dummy!
Then what’s she doin’ here?
She’s the key to our fortune.
You’re joking, right? How is SHE going to make us rich?
She’s pretty, yeah?
I s’pose so.
She’s not one of us is she.
No, but I don’t see how that’s going to work.
Because she’s not one of us, she’s got brains, see?
No. I can’t see her brains! Sheesh. You’ve lost it.
No I haven’t. If punters see that she’s not brain dead, they’ll automatically assume it’s because she has been partaking in the brains we have on offer.
I’ve got another idea. How about we open a strip bar and serve cocktails………….

This is a picture of a woman dressed provocatively standing in front of a bar where the bartenders are zombies and they are advertising they serve brains.

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